Another holiday, another shock.

I guess we'll have an easy way of remembering what day's Nick has shocks from his ICD.. Holidays. He received another shock yesterday (St. Patricks Day). This time he was awake again, and felt it. NOT GOOD.
We called the cardiologist at Primary Childrens Hospital, and it looks like we'll be there for the next few days, starting tomorrow, to try to change heart medicines and see if it makes a difference. The new medicine they want to try is apparently a stronger medicine, but also more dangerous, so they need him to be in the hospital while they put him on it.
He seems ok now, but he for sure is aware of what happened. That stinks. Nobody, especially a tiny little 3 year old should feel 35 joules of electircity slammed into his heart. He continually amazes us. We are so blessed to have him!!!


carolyn q said...

Hey Darla,

Are you guys home yet or still at PCMC?

Intermountain Healing Hearts

Josh & Darla ~ Paul, Nicholas, & Andrew said...

home now, but we were there until the 26th.