We were officially discharged from the hospital yesterday, and soon will be on our way home. The hives and swelling are gone. He looks really good, and feels pretty good too. The only pain medicine he is on right now is Childrens Tylenol!
We have received so very many blessings here, met some incredible people, and have witnessed a TRUE miracle, but we are OH SO READY to be back with the rest of our little family and in our own home.
Nick has a ways to go with his recovery- a solid 8 weeks at least. So this summer will be a very laid back one. No plans to go anywhere or be too active, but I think we are willing to make that sacrifice for our little hero.
Would it be too "Dorothy" to start clicking my heels and chanting "There's no place like home"? =)


carolyn q said...

Amazing! That's about all I can write because I am speechless! I hope the journey home is uneventful.

Dana, Proud mommy to 4 said...

So happy to hear you're coming home. I met your mom today, she's amazing! I see where you get it from.

Natalie Walker said...

I'm so happy for you. What a miracle he has been through. We'll keep praying.