Chest closure

Today they decided to go ahead and close Nick's chest up, so he's in surgery. They said it will probably take a few hours. He's been doing pretty well. Although he's been sedated for 2 days, he is still responsive when he's asked questions... "Nick, are you in pain?"-- He lifts his eyebrows and ever so slugglish-ly tries to nod yes. "Can you show me where it hurts Nick?" -- And he moves his hand to his chest, or tries to tug at the breathing tube. It's just been amazing and such a testament that people DO hear you when they are sedated, or unconscious. He's just been such a strong and brave little one through all of this. And so obedient! Whenever they tell him to not pull on the tubes or ask him to try to open his mouth so they can suction, he does what he's asked... while he's asleep!
The plan for after chest closure today will likely be to keep him sedated through the night again, and then hopefully begin waking him tomorrow, and then if all is still good, to extubate him (remove the breathing tube).
Thank you all again for your continued prayers and love. The Lord is so miraculous. I know he is holding Nicholas in the hollow of his hand, and guiding these fine surgeons, doctors, and nurses.

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