Well, like I have mentioned, there are good recovery days and not so good ones. Today is not the best. Poor little Nick developed a rash this morning that has spread all over his scalp, face and neck, back, buttocks and belly. It's trying to work its way onto his arms, but it's not too bad there yet. It's a TERRIBLE rash- very hive-ish. Itchy beyond belief. He has been unable to get any rest or relief from it. We've tried benadryl, benadryl cream, ice packs, prescription anti-itch meds, shower, changing sheets to "special" sheets, discontinuing his anitbiotic, discontinuing 2 other meds, and distractions. Nothing has helped. They have finally ordered some steroids and prescription creams to try soon. Hopefully something will help. He is unbelievably uncomfortable.
Even his little face is puffy.
Itch is one of the worst feelings... And there's just so little that anyone can do to help. =( Hoping that this clears up soon!

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