Smooth sailing...

We coasted along for about a month with few problems. Then in November 2004 Nick suddenly began having difficulty keeping any formula down. He would spew whatever he had been fed up and out within minutes. It was the most projectile I have ever seen any person throw up. The poor boy was so hungry and would try to guzzle anything we would give him, but we had to give him such tiny amounts hoping it would stay in him. After several days of this we had to go back to PCMC and try to find an answer.

They poked. They prodded. They ran tests, echo's, ultrasounds. They looked for more tumors. Nothing. After several days there (including our 1st Thanksgiving at the hospital), they finally threw up their hands and said "We don't know." So they put him on some Zantac (acid reflux medicine) for the next month and a light but regular feeding schedule, and somehow it worked. By January he seemed to be "normal" again.

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