You meant 5 WEEKS, right?

The doctors put Nick on his 1st heart medicine- Amiodarone. It was necessary after having worked with his heart. It's not a drug you want to be on, and if you are, not for long. But you do what you have to. (About a year and a half later he was changed to Atenolol, and in November 2007 was changed again to Nadolol.)

Anyway, after 5 days we were discharged from the hospital following Nicks heart surgery. Our cardiologist was off duty. There was some attending physician who shoo-ed us on our way, all the while our minds were racing and bewildered. They assured us that 5 days was a perfectly normal amount of time for an infant to be released after open heart surgery. So we left. I remember wanting to scream at someone that I wasn't ready to leave! But hadn't learned yet that you can actually TELL them that. We drove the 3 hours home and tried to be normal. IT didn't last long. Soon after getting home Nick began struggling. We're talking the SAME night we got back. He was screaming uncontrollably and having trouble breathing. We tried our best to soothe him, trying medicine, bottles, holding/walking, priesthood blessings, and after a short while KNEW that he needed medical attention. So we raced him to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center (EIRMC). They admitted him and put him in their NICU. They diagnosed the problem as a pain control issue and possible pneumonia (according to x-rays). We stayed a few days there until Nick seemed stable.

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