Well, as usual, we're headed down to Primary Children's to spend another holiday. : )

Nick is scheduled for just a check up this time-just your basic echocardiogram, ekg, x-ray and visit with the doc~ thankfully. And actually, he's pretty excited to see Dr. Cowley-- Halloween or not. In fact, instead of worrying about going trick-or-treating and showing off his Batman costume he's been telling me repeatedly that he wants to take Dr. Cowley a trick-or-treat!

Luckily, Paul and Andrew aren't too bothered about making the trip either, and we plan on doing a little candy-gathering in Utah.

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Mike and Rebecca said...

Cute Batman !!! If I would have known I would have had you guys come to my house and load up on the candy! I hope everything goes well...we think of Nick often and wish him the very best!