We made it back from SLC, and overall I would say the trip was a success. We learned that Nick is using his pacemaker about 15% of the time; that his battery still has a good charge to it; that he is having VT (ventricular tachycardia) several times a day~ but that it's lasting only about 2 seconds or so at a time; and that we'll need to schedule a time to go back for another heart catheterization so that they can administer some adrenaline to his heart while he is sedated and put his heart into fibrillation on purpose to check whether or not the defibrillator is functioning properly, and if it isn't they will be there to rescue him from the fibrillation and correct any problems. The reason that this would be necessary is because as he grows, the leads that are screwed into his heart are being moved around a bit and in order for the ICD to work, the leads need to be in just the right spot. And now we're back, and if all goes well, we wont need to go back for SIX MONTHS!!
Nick was delighted to see Dr. Cowley (of course), and was treated wonderfully while we were there (of course).
I am always so impressed with how out of their way the staff at Primary Children's Hospital goes to light up these little one's days. It truly is a place where Angels walk.

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Hua said...

Nick makes a very cute batman! I too am excited to see how far a hospital will go to make these kids days.

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