Today Nick's hives are looking a lot better, but unfortunately the itching hasn't subsided yet. A dermatologist just stopped by to take a look, and it sounds like we're on the right path. Hopefully this uncomfortable itchy part will be over soon. =)
Last night I was struck again with the thoughts of what a courageous little man Nick is. This child is gracious and even says "thank you" to all the people who come in to poke, prod, and administer yucky medicines. When Josh or I (or the both of us) have to be out of the room for a few minutes, Nick nods and tells us "I'll be fine." When he feels overwhelmed and like crying he tightens his little eyes, takes a deep breath and brings his hand to the bridge of his nose and just pinches. There have only been a couple of instances where he simply could not stop the tears from coming, and I am amazed. Any man, woman, or child that I know would be at their breaking point by now, and he presses forward ever obediently doing the things the doctors and nurses instruct him to do and still trying to be pleasant.
We have joked for years about how mischievous (and often naughty) Nick can be, but when it comes down to it folks, this kid is one sweet, amazing, good, obedient, strong little boy... and we're so blessed, not just for having him, but for the other 2 sweet, strong, obedient, amazing and good little boys we have.
Our cup runneth over.

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carolyn q said...

My thougths on this. .an Apple doesn't fall far from the Tree. . .meaning he has been blessed in abundance with having such great parents. I do think these Heart kids are extra special, but they are born to extra special parents too!
I hope that his itching is better today. Sending my prayers and love.