In the Waiting Room

So. We're here at Mayo, waiting in the waiting room for updates on how Nick's surgery is going, and it seems as good a time as any to post some updates and pictures. I'll start with our trip out here. On Saturday, we made the drive to SLC, and made it to the airport on time and as scheduled only to learn that our flight to Chicago (and then into Rochester) had just been cancelled due to bad weather. We began to feel a little panicky, but luckily, after about an hour at the desk, the airline worker was able to get us a flight on a different airline into Minneapolis. We did have to find a hotel and then return to the airport the following morning for a connecting flight to Rochester, but at least we made it in time for our appointments the next morning.
We did take the opportunity to let him do some swimming at the hotel though on both Sunday and Monday nights. (Since he wont have the opportunity to do any more swimming (most likely) for the remainder of the summer.) That made him happy and we were lucky to have the pool pretty much to ourselves. =) On Monday, we had to be to the hospital very first thing in the morning-- 6:00am-- to start the long day of testing and appointments. We were here until just after 5pm. Poor little Nicholas had to fast until about 1pm for the blood work and CT scan that needed to be done. By the last appointment, which was meeting with our surgeon, Nick was EXHAUSTED. We ALL were, but Nick just kind of collapsed on the exam chair and fell asleep.

We went back to the hotel, fed him, and took him swimming. When we got back to our room he needed to have a "special" shower with special soap, and then he just curled up on his bed and fell fast asleep. Later, when we had to wake him for his medicine we coaxed him into eating some more food since he would have to fast again after midnight.

This morning we had to bathe him again in "special" soap and then be here at Mayo by 7. He was such a good sport and so pleasant. Not a bit whiney. We had to wait until about 8:30 before they began to get him ready, and by 9 he was being wheeled to the pre-op. Everyone was so impressed with this sweet little guy and his understanding of things and vocabulary. He didn't cry when they wheeled him away or anything. He was a little nervous about getting "poked" again because yesterday's tests were NOT fun, but they assured him that they would let him smell the root-beer scented anesthesia and go to sleep before they did ANY poking.

He was just the teensiest bit teary when they told him he would wake up with IVs in his arms, abdomen and neck and a special tube in his throat, but he regained his composure and went forth with such courage! Such a brave little guy.

And as for the actual surgery, these are the updates we have: At about 10 they sedated him, and until 12 they did prep work like placing lines and such. By 1 they had him on the heart and lung machine (on bypass), and at 2 they had opened his chest (We think they had to go through his neck area and groin area to get him on bypass). And currently they are working on trying to get the tumor.

That was the latest information we have been given, but each time, the communicating nurse said that things were going well.

I'll add or post again when it's possible. We are so thankful for all of the prayers being offered in Nick's behalf. Thank you so much!


Sheila said...

Please keep the updates coming about my little library helper. Best of lucks and lots of prayers !

Melissa said...

Keep the info coming!! Glad that things have gone well so far.

Natalie Walker said...

You are all in my prayers! I can't wait to hear more. All our love.