Well, last night was the fundraiser for Nick's heart surgery in just a few days. We want to express our deepest Thank You to all of you who helped to make the event turn out so wonderfully. There was such an amazing turn out of friends, family, and community.

There were so very many awesome donations made. In addition to the super-cool kids motorcycle donated by Rexburg Motor Sports, one of the other popular big-ticket items was a last minute donation of a 2 year old HORSE! There was a very comfy swivel-rocker chair and so many beautiful quilts. Photography sessions, services, gift certificates, beautiful hand-made items, plants, food, artwork, a sewing machine, Sonicare toothbrush, and the list goes on!!

The food was wonderful, and the entertainment delightful. Nick even performed a couple of songs with his older brother and Daddy. The crowd welcomed him with loud cheers and applause and made his little chest swell with pride.

Our area police not only came out to support us but gifted the cause with over $1000! AND on top of that helped to serve food and clean up. Now tell me that that isn't going above and beyond. Such an incredible sense of service and love!

There were so many other things that were wonderful about the evening and that touched our family in such profound ways. Too many to go through one by one, but each moment special.

Our hearts are full and our cup runneth over with the love, support, and kindness shown to our little family and especially to our sweet Nicholas. You are all such wonderful and loving people.
We wish there was a way to thank each of you individually for all you have done to bless our lives, and we know that there isn't, but please know that we love you and are full of gratitude to you.

THANK YOU. SO MUCH. We feel so blessed and our load is lighter as we move forward with things. You have buoyed us up and your prayers for Nicholas are felt. May the Lord bless you all for your kindness.

Darla & Josh

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