Making progress!

He's waking up a little! Not too much yet, but he's sure trying. They decided to go ahead and extubate him this morning, and then a couple of hours later they even pulled out the 3 chest drainage tubes. (They thought it would be easier on him now, while he is still groggy, than later when he's more coherent.)
Nick is SUPER thirsty, but isn't really allowed to drink yet. We've been letting him suck on a damp washrag or a damp mouth sponge, but he just wants MORE. Soon we can start some ice chips.
Nick is still fighting a fever, and today they think they might know why... he may have a certain bacteria-- so they are testing him, and hopefully we'll have results from the culture soon and if it's what they think it is, they can treat it with a certain antibiotic. For now though, he is on "strict isolation", until this bacteria clears.
Josh and I have missed seeing his little eyes open, and hearing his non-stop talking. Every time he lifts his eyelids just a little -- just enough to see his eyes-- it makes us so happy. He can't vocalize yet, his throat is so dry and scratchy from the respirator and the drugs... but you can tell he wants to by the way he moves his lips.
Hoping for even more progress today, but so happy with all that's already been happening!

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carolyn q said...

I love to read the updates. He is a miracle story of epic proportions!
Continuing to keep all in my thoughts and prayers. Hopefully tomorrow will be a very good day