Today Nick has been awake a lot more. =) Talking a lot of nonsense? Yes. Having a hard time to find the right word? Yes. But awake and able to tell us what it is he wants? YES. It's funny how much you can miss that little voice.
He's finally able to have some real food. His appetite isn't much, and most foods don't quite taste normal yet (probably related to the anesthesia he's had-- sometimes leaves a residual icky taste for a while).
He has been saying some pretty sweet little things... the first thing he said upon waking up from one of his naps was "Happy fathers day!.... Mom, can you teach me how to put bandages on, I really want to learn how to put bandages on."
On a little wagon ride he burst out saying "I MISS MY BROTHERS. I want Paul. I want Andrew. I just want to go home and play with my brothers."
Josh asked Nick if he wanted to have a grape at lunchtime and Nick responded real indignantly "DAD. I can't even WALK. How am I gonna play any GAMES."
Nick kept requesting to eat some pineapple, so we got some for him, and after he chewed and swallowed it he said "I didn't mean THAT... I meant the one you eat like this--"(and motioned like you would eat watermelon). So we asked "Watermelon?" and he smiled this HUGE smile of relief and said "YES. Watermelon is delicious."
Just things like that all day. =)

We tried to get him to stand up for a second, but his little legs just couldn't hold him up. It's been a little better this morning. We're actually hoping to get him out of ICU and into the PCU by Monday afternoon. It's looking promising.


Anonymous said...

Today is my birthday and the only birthday wish I have had is that Nick continue to get well...Everyone at work has been praying everyday for him and his family...Great news today that he is still doing well..Thanks for the updates...Stacy C. Shelley, Id.

Anonymous said...

Darla and Josh,
We have tried to comment and have been unsuccessful. We sure want you to know how happy we are that things are going so well. You are still in our prayers. It has been so nice to have the updates. Everyone in the ward has been so concerned. We all send our love.
Tom and Ann Winder