SLC again

Well, we almost made it a whole year without Nick receiving a shock from the ICD. ALMOST.
Yesterday, March 14th, his heart fibrillated again. Enough that he needed to be shocked. He wasn't doing anything that he shouldn't have... just walking around. The last time this happened was March 17th of last year.
It was fairly early in the morning, around 8:00 or so, and all of a sudden his heart must have gone into the fibrillation and he passed out (thankfully) & was "therapied". He hit his eye on the floor somehow so he has a little pink mark there, but otherwise wasn't injured. Josh sent a medtronics reading to PCMC and then called an hour or so later to see if they had gotten it. Because it was Saturday there wasn't someone there who could read it immediately, so they had to call someone in. They called Josh back a couple of hours later and asked some questions, then they instructed that we bring Nick to the hospital on Monday. There was no one there to schedule a time, and they're probably full already, but they said to bring him in and they WILL WORK HIM IN. So... That's the plan. I'll head down to SLC with the boys and we'll see what they find out and if there's something that they want to do.
Who knows? Maybe we'll spend St. Patricks there... We haven't been AT the hospital for that holiday yet.... =)


Mike and Rebecca said...

I don't know how you guys do it, your amazing...I would be so scared. Good luck and if you need help with the boys just let us know, I'm sure Brinley would love to have them over to play. Hopefully Nick won't have to spend the night.


carolyn q said...

Happy Birthday today to you Nicholas!
I am sure your mom, dad, and brothers will do everything they can to make this an amazing Birthday for you! You are an amazing kid and here is wishing you a happy and healthy year to come!
I can't wait to see pictures from you special day.