We made it! Nick finally cleared ICU's requirements and made it out onto the cardiac PCU. He's SO exhausted, but doing really well. The only lines he still has in are about 3 in the left side of his neck, one in his foot, and one in his hand. Today he's been able to take a few steps at a time, and after 3 walks, has been able to take about 100 tiny steps (with some help). He hates to do it, but it's so beneficial. He's coughing well (which helps his lungs), and trying to eat a few bites. He asks to sleep a lot still. Here are some pics of the last couple of days. Look at the progression! What a Braveheart!
Here (above)Nick is Pre-surgery, just about to go into the operating room. Not a tear.
And here (below) he is and how he looked for the next 3 days. Open chest, heavily sedated.

The 2 pictures above, he finally has a closed chest and is resting, and the same for the one below. Sooo tired!

The last 3 photos are yesterday and today. Wagon rides (which were extremely tiring to him) and beginning to take steps (also tiring and not fun, but look at him smile when I said "Say cheese!"). The last one is Nick resting with some ice on his chest and neck to help relieve the insatiable itching that has developed with his skin trying to heal. He's coming leaps and bounds. It's likely in recovering to have some slower days too, but he's doing super right now, and we're so happy!


The McKinlay's said...

wow, I am so impressed. I've had a few surgery's and I can't imagine how hard this would be to heal from. I guess being young helps to heal but It has to be more than that. He is such a special boy and you two are such special parents. What blessings you all are experiencing. I hope one day you will write a book. It would inspire all of us.

Sheila said...

I stand all Amazed at the love Jesus Offers us! What a huge blessing! Thanks for sharing the journey with all of us!

Sheila said...

It's the first words that came to me as I looked at the pictures

carolyn q said...

What an amazing little trooper he is. It's great to see pictures of him awake and moving about. I hope the itching gets better for him, as that has to be so uncomfortable.